How To Add Animal Planet on Roku

Animal Planet on Roku

Animal Planet on Roku: Animal Planet is the best known pay TV channel to watch series and documentaries about the animals. The channel was founded in 1996 as a joint venture with BBC World. Animal Planet has allowed its viewers to learn more about wildlife and pets. Those with cable TV can watch a variety of animal-related shows in the form of documentaries and reality TV shows. If you recently brought a Roku smart TV or Roku stick, you can cancel the cable TV subscription. You no longer have to worry about how to stream Animal Planet on Roku. Because the channel is available on different apps. With Roku Animal Planet you can watch all your favorite shows. The article briefly discusses the possible options in which you can watch Animal Planet without a cable TV subscription.

List of Popular Animal Planet Shows

From the Roku TV, anyone can stream Animal Planet shows on the go. The popular shows available on the Animal Planet channel are listed below.

  1. Dodo Heroes
  2. I was Prey
  3. The zoo
  4. Amanda comes to the rescue
  5. Extinct or alive
  6. The aquarium
  7. Hang out with the Hendersons
  8. North Woods Law
  9. Oh, dear! It’s the Irwins
  10. Little giants
  11. Pit Bulls & Parolees
  12. The Vet Life
  13. Rescue from wild bears
  14. Big, small, and deadly
  15. Monster favorites
  16. Fish or die
  17. Animal feeders
  18. Scaled
  19. Great in Tales
  20. Vet Gone Wild

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How to add Animal Planet Go on Roku?

(1) On the Roku home page, click the “Streaming Channels” button.

(2) Scroll down and select the “Search” button.

(3) Enter the keyword “Animal Planet Go” and click on the suggestions.

(4) The Animal Planet Go app page opens. Click on the “Add Channel” option to install the channel on your Roku.

(5) Once the app is installed, click the “OK” button.

(6) Now tap “Go to channel” to view all latest episodes and shows in it.

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Alternative Method: How To Stream Animal Planet

You can watch Animal Planet without a cable TV connection to any of the online streaming services. It contains

  • Philo
  • AT&T TV now
  • Hulu with live TV
  • PlayStation Vue
  • fubo TV

Get to know the packages and prices of those streaming apps to watch Animal Planet on Roku TV.

1. Philo

animal planet streaming roku


You can choose the Philo app to stream live and on-demand TV content. It is one of the online streaming services and cord-cutters that offer content at a relatively low cost. Philo supports a wide variety of channels including AMC, BET, Comedy Central, Discovery, TV Land, MTV Life, PeopleTV, Paramount Network, etc. Animal Planet is no exception and Philo is a great option for anyone to stream it on Roku TV. It also supports streaming channels on three different devices at the same time. With a Philo subscription, you also get a 30-day DVR with no recording restrictions.

Buy Philo for $ 20 / month and start the 7-day free trial (58 channels including Animal Planet)


animal planet streaming roku

AT&T TV now

It’s a better deal to choose AT&T TV Now, a live TV app for watching the news, sports, TV shows, events, etc. Users can even stream on-demand titles, the latest movies, and more. It supports watching TV series or movies at any time. All subscription packages of this streaming channel contain hundreds of channels. It includes CBS, Cartoon Network, CNN, Discovery, ESPN, FOX, Hallmark Channel, History, NBC, etc. Most of all, almost all packages of the AT&T TV app support Animal Planet streaming on Roku TV. It supports two simultaneous devices to stream content, and it can be expanded to three for $ 5 / month. In addition, it supports 20 hours of DVR recording for 30 days.

Opt for AT&T TV Now subscription packages starting at $ 65 (minimum 65+ channels with Animal Planet)

3. Hulu + Live TV

Animal Planet on Roku – Hulu

Animal Planet on Roku - Hulu

Hulu + Live TV

The Hulu + Live TV app allows all Roku users to watch exclusive live TV and on-demand content. It has no hidden costs or equipment rental. You can stream everything including breaking news, live sports, prime time favorites, and much more. For example, it supports numerous channels such as CBS, ESPN, CNN, TNT, FOX, Discovery Channel, Disney, and more along with Animal Planet. Then Hulu Live TV only supports two devices in access simulation. But you can pay $ 9.99 for unlimited screens to stream on three devices. It supports 50 hours of cloud DVR support, and it can be upgraded to 200 hours for $ 9.99.

Get Hulu with Live TV for $ 44.99 / month with a one-day free trial (access to 67+ channels along with Animal Planet)

4. PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue

Animal Planet on Roku – Playstation Vue

PlayStation Vue

Those looking to watch Animal Planet on Roku should opt for PlayStation Vue, an online streaming app. There is hundreds of channel support available including ESPN, ABC, NBC, FOX, National Geographic, CBS, etc. You can also watch Animal Planet effortlessly on the Roku stick or TV. Currently the price of PlayStation Vue is slightly higher than that of other streaming services. Moreover, it supports streaming on five devices at the same time. Plus, with each subscription, you get up to 28 days of DVR recording.

Get a PlayStation Vue Access subscription to Roku TV for $ 50 / month (45+ channels minimum including Animal Planet)

Note: PlayStation Vue has announced that it will be discontinued and will no longer be available after January 30, 2020. So no new customers can download it.

5. fuboTV

Animal Planet on Roku


You can watch live sports and TV with fubo TV, a Roku-compatible streaming service. You can stream live sports such as the NFL, MLB, etc., which take place locally, nationally and internationally. Supports over a hundred TV channels such as FOX, CBS, AMC, SHOWTIME, FX, National Geographic, etc. Furthermore, the users of fubo TV on Roku can stream the Animal Planet channel at any time. With fubo TV you also get 30 hours of Cloud DVR space and it can be further expanded up to 500 hours.

Get fubo TV for $ 54.99 / month with a 7-day free trial (access to 31+ top cable channels with Animal Planet)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Go Original and Go Exclusive?

It’s nothing but the extra content or goes behind the scenes that’s only available in the Animal Planet app, so such content won’t be available on TV.

Is it mandatory to log in or subscribe to a TV provider package to stream full episodes?

Yes. If you want to watch many episodes available in the app, a login is required. However, a limited number of episodes are available to watch without logging in.

Why can’t I live stream some shows?

This may be due to the regional restrictions in your area.

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To conclude

You can download any of the channels listed above from the Roku Channel Store to watch Animal Planet on Roku TV. In other words, each of the online streaming channels supports the streaming of Animal Planet shows and episodes of high quality. Plus, you can stream more other content with one subscription package.

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