How to Rename Roku Streaming Device

how to rename roku streaming device

How to Rename Roku: Many smart TV users in the world are evolving towards the best streaming players. They are used not only for price as a replacement for the cable TV but also for its many other benefits. Roku is such a budget-friendly streaming player to stream almost anything on your smart TV. It is designed to be easy to set up and offers almost everything. So you can choose from the free or paid channels available in Roku Store to keep up to date with live TV, movies, TV shows, music, and a lot more. Roku is available as a streaming stick, player, and TV. Choose anything for your big screen to watch unlimited videos from the comfort of your home.

Many users change name of Roku device during setup. By providing a unique name for the Roku player, you can easily identify your device. If for whatever reason you want to rename your Roku device once after installation, you can. The article will cover the procedure how to change Roku tv name in several ways. Check it out in the section below.

Change Name Of Roku

The main reason for someone to rename or change the Roku name includes the following.

  • If you have more than one Roku device with the same name.
  • If you want to give your device a unique name.
  • If you think the name you entered is too old.
  • If you want to easily identify the Roku player between the multiple devices.

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How To Rename Roku Device

There are two different ways you can rename the Roku device. It contains

  • Using Roku account
  • Using the Roku mobile app

Steps to Rename Roku name using Roku account

To change the Roku name, you must first have created an account with the Roku device. Then follow the procedure.

# 1. On your phone or smartphone, first, go to

# 2.Enter your Roku account information when prompted.

# 3. Scroll down to choose the My Paired Devices option.

Note: If your Roku device has a name, it will be displayed. Otherwise, you only see the serial number (go to Settings> System> About to see your Roku serial number)

# 4. Choose the Rename link and enter the new name for your Roku device.

Select the Rename option

change roku tv name

Select the Rename option

# 5. Finally, you have to confirm the Roku device name change.

Steps to Rename Roku name with Roku app

If you have the Roku mobile app on Android or iOS devices, you can easily change the name of your device.


Connect Roku TV and Roku mobile app device to the same WiFi.

# 1. Go to the apps column on your phone to launch the Roku app.

# 2. Choose the settings icon or gear-like icon from the bottom navigation bar.

# 3. Choose the Edit Name option to change the Roku player.

Click the Edit Name option

change roku tv name

Click the Edit Name option

Note: If you want to rename another device, click the Switch Roku Device link to choose and rename the device.

To conclude

Each of the methods allows you to rename or change the Roku device name seamlessly. It doesn’t even take more than a minute so makes it easy to identify your device during screen mirroring or something more.

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